The Psalms of David

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The Psalms of David by Gordon Churchyard

(Comments by Keith Simons)

Gordon has provided us with a very simple translation, followed by verse-by-verse commentary and an exercise on each of the 150 Psalms.

The reader will soon see how this book is testimony to Gordon's great love for the Psalms. Everything confirms just how much detailed thought and attention has gone into every part of this book.

This was the first book to be written in the EasyEnglish series. In a way, it formed the inspiration for everything that followed. It showed that it was not necessary to use difficult words or long sentences to understand the Bible. And that clear explanations need not distract from the flow of a passage - in fact, quite the opposite.

Gordon has gone on to other projects since, and his new works continue to be published; I am checking through his commentary on Leviticus at the time of writing. But this first commentary, on the Psalms, continues to be the most popular work in the EasyEnglish series; as Internet users across the world will confirm.

Whether you set out to study the entire book of Psalms, or whether you just want to "dip in" and read a favourite Psalm, Gordon's commentary is a valuable help.